SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. makes publicly available its website comprising a set of interconnected and related web pages, consisting of texts, databases, static and animated images, photographs, sounds, designs, trademarks, domain names and other distinctive signs, stored in a computer support that can be displayed on a PC screen by accessing the website address (“the website”), SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. intends to share information of interest with the public and promote the business relationship with their customers.
Simple access to “the website” grants the condition of USER to any person. From that moment, the USER accepts, without any reservations, the contents of the below specified General Conditions, as well as, where appropriate, the Specific Conditions that may complement, replace or modify the General Conditions in relation to the contents and services of “the website”. Consequently, before accessing any content or using any service, the USER must carefully read the General and Specific Conditions.

"The Website" terms and conditions of use

The USER undertakes to use “the website”, its contents and services in accordance with the current legislation, with these present conditions and with the generally accepted uses. Therefore, it is completely prohibited any use for illicit purposes or that might harm, prevent, damage, overload or impede in any way, directly or indirectly, the use and the normal functioning of “the website”
The USER of “the website” undertakes to give truthful and accurate information about him, in any relationship maintained with SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. via “the website”
The USER of “the website” undertakes to refrain, as to the content of “the website”, from any of the following behaviours:
Reproduction, distribution, public or private communication, transmission, making available to the public, adaptation, translation, modification, extraction or re-use of the same by any means and in any form presently known or which may be invented in the future, unless having the written authorization of SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. or when permitted by law.
Its use for any purpose other than personal, private and the strictly allowed non-commercial use.
The obtaining of the contents of “the website” by any means other than the usual and allowed to USERS.
The USER, from the moment of its registration at, authorizes SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L to provide informative and promotional communications. The USER may freely refuse this consent by e-mail, following the instructions contained in the same communication.
SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. reserves the right to refuse, at any time, without prior notice, and in a discretionary manner, access to any USER who fails to comply with any condition of the General or Specific conditions.
SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. may also modify, at any time without prior notice and discretionary, the structure and design of “the website”, as well as its contents, services and access conditions.

Exclusion of liability 

The USER from the moment of its registration at agrees to use the site under its sole and exclusive responsibility. The responsibility extends to the use by the USER or by any third party of any password assigned for access to “the website” or to its contents and services.
Under no circumstances is SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. responsible for any damages of any nature that may arise in the following circumstances or similar ones:
“The website” failure to function, “the website” accessibility or “the website” content or services maintenance.
The lack of utility, suitability or validity of the contents or services of “the website” to the needs, activities or expectations of the USER.
The existence of harmful programs to the USER’s computer, causing as a result of access to “the website” any abnormality or disturbance in any of its physical elements, programs or files. The receipt, storage, or communication of the contents of “the website” by the USER.
The illicit use or contrary to the generally accepted uses or contrary to the present General Conditions of “the website” contents or services by the USER.
The violation of the laws and customs applicable on the subject of property, intellectual property, industrial property, unfair trade, advertising, business or contractual secrets, right to honour privacy and self-image.
The vices or defects of quality of the content or services which are accessed through “the website”.
Failure to comply with the obligations assumed by third parties in connection with the services rendered to the USER through “the website”.
The vices or defects in quality, the lack of utility, adequacy, validity, lawfulness or availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to the USER on “the website”.

Links to outside pages 

To facilitate the access to the contents and services available on external websites, “the website” includes links to websites operated by third parties. SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. does not assume any responsibility for damages derived from the following facts:
The operation, accessibility or maintenance of websites not managed by SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L
The quality, legality, reliability or usefulness of the contents or services existing or offered on websites not managed by SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L.


The establishment of links to "the website" 

The persons or entities who intend to establish links between their web pages and “the website” must meet the following conditions:
Under no circumstance, the total or partial reproduction of the pages of “the website” or any of its contents or services will be permitted. The link will only permit access to “the website:, being prohibited assemblies and dynamic links, as well as frames.
Under no circumstances should be understood that SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. has supervised or assumed in any way the contents or services offered on the webpage in which the link is included. The establishment of a link does not imply the existence of relations between SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L and the administrator of the webpage that includes the link, or the acceptation or approbation of its contents or services.
The web page containing the link cannot contain inaccurate, incorrect or false manifestations concerning “the website” related to SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L, or its contents and services.
The web page containing the link cannot contain any distinctive sign alluding to SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L with the exception of the signs used in the link itself unless prior written permission of SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L
The website where the link is included could not have contents or services contrary to the law or to the public order or which might damage in any way the rights of SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. or of third parties.

Intellectual and Industrial property

“The website” and all its contents, among others: databases, encodings, texts, animated and static images, photographs, sounds, designs, trademarks, domain names and other distinctive signs, are protected by the Laws and International Treaties concerning the intellectual and industrial property.

Any act of exploitation, reproduction, distribution, public communication, transmission, being made available to public, adaptation, translation, modification, extraction or re-use of all or part of “the website” or its content, in any form presently known or which may be invented in the future is strictly prohibited, unless prior written permission of SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. .
SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. does not grant any license or right of use of its assets protected by intellectual and industrial property or other exclusive rights of any other assets or rights related to “the website” or its contents or services.
SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L. will exercise all criminal, civil or administrative actions that correspond to the defense of its rights.
The legitimacy of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of the contents provided by third parties is their sole responsibility.
We should appreciate that any violation of the intellectual or industrial property rights shall be notified in writing to SIDASA ENGINEERING S.L, c/ Cuarenta 14-16, 08040 Barcelona- Spain.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions are governed by the Spanish laws.
For the resolution of all the questions and issues that may arise from the interpretation and application of this agreement, the USER waives its own jurisdiction and submits to the relevant courts.