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SIDASA Engineering is one of the world's leading painting company. We offer not only an individual painting process, but also a comprehensive system including robot systems, paint distribution, conveyor and handling technologies and high efficiency systems.

SIDASA Engineering proposes a wide range of solutions for metal and plastic surface treatment with references in automotive, aircraft, cosmetics, agriculture machinery and general industries. Our product portfolio for powder or liquid painting lines includes all the areas and systems involved in a painting process from the loading of the parts until the unloading area.

Ask our sales team for the innovative 3D artificial vision system with cameras in the parts loading area able not only to confirm the right position of the part in the rack but also to send the right reference of the part to the robot.

As we know, how you concern about the cleaning of the metal or plastic parts SIDASA Engineering has a wide range of solutions. It depends on the parts to be treated and the requested cleaning quality level.  From the traditional Power & Wash with different stages to the new system called tilting and jolting mechanical station engineered by SIDASA to ensure the complete removal of water from the part after the power wash.

SIDASA Engineering designs painting lines for waterborne and solvent-based paints fulfilling the emission of COVS regulations and optimizing the energy running costs with recirculation of air in painting booth

SIDASA Engineering achieved large experience designing different types of painting booth. Depend on your layout and process we can adapt the painting booth to your needs. Vertical cascade water wall for one side painting line, floor venturi with double water curtain for high efficiency up to 99% or our dry filter paint separator. Tell us about your the application process (aerographic, electrostatic or ESTA) and our team will propose you the right air conditions in the booth to get the perfect painting quality on your parts.

painting lines
  • Loading area with artificial vision camera
    • Automatic loading rack system with robots  
    • Manual loading with operators
  • Pretreatment
    • CO2 snow or pellets cryogenic cleaning system camera
    • Power Wash
    • Blowing Station + Tilting Jolting Station camera
    • Drying oven
  • Flaming / Plasma
  • Deionization station with water floor
  • Painting booth camera
    • Dry filter
    • Floor Venturi Scrubber
    • Lateral water wall
  • Post Treatment process: camera
    • Flash Off
    • Gas / Electrical / IR curing oven
    •  Cooling down station
  • Conveyor technologies camera   
    • Single Chain (floor or overhead)
    • Power & Free (floor or overhead)
    • Skid conveyor
  • Paint Application camera
    • Waterborne paints
      • Aerographic gun
      • High Voltage Bell direct/indirect charge
    • Solvent based paints
      • Aerographic
      • Electrostatic gun
      • High Voltage Bell direct/indirect charge
  • Robots
  • Integration of painting robots (ABB, FANUC, YASKAWA…)
  • Integration of 7 axes robots
  • Mixing Room
    • Waterborne paints
    • Solvent based paints
  • High Efficiency Air Treatment Plants
    • Air House Units
    • Recirculation Air House Units
    • Water Chiller Plants
    • Heat recovery-cooling systems
    • Direct Expansion (More 30% energy savings)
  • Water Treatment Plant
    • Centrifuge
    • Flood set

SIDASA Engineering is leading supplier of powder painting plants. For Aluminum, Iron or Steel parts, the powder application could follow an E-Coat process or anodizing.  The powder painting line includes:

  • Powder painting booth
    • Manual or Automatic with manual retouching
    • Floor venturi

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